INSIDE OUT, the fourth single taken from my newest album RUN.

I'm super excited to announce that my newest single is INSIDE OUT. This is the "pink" song from the album. Today, I released a new video for the song, it's a special versions whereas it is not exactly the same as what you will hear on the album version.

Myself and my Brendan 'Bugsy' Barnes (The man behind the camera) took all of our gear and set up inside Alastair Thomas's (Editor) home in Melville, Johannesburg. I rerecorded the piano, drums, percussion and vocals live while Bugsy filmed the entire thing.

I hope you enjoy this new song as much as I enjoyed creating it!


The second single from RUN is out now. It's called Holding On.

You can watch the music video on Youtube. You can buy the song on all digital platforms as well as physically on CD and Vinyl.

Thank you all so much for showing so much love towards RUN the album. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I have singing these songs together with you at shows. I hope you all enjoy Holding On. This song is very close to me, it represents times in my life when I feel discouraged or helpless - I hold on to what is true and I try my best to push through and see the bigger outcome.

Run was the yellow song. Holding on is the blue song. Which songs do you think will be the green and pink songs?


I'm overwhelmed with excitement. Today RUN is officially available on iTunes. Now I need you to listen to all of the songs and get the words stuck in your head - your participation at shows is vital when the tour starts. Thank you all so much for listening to what I make for you!

RUN will be available on all other platforms as well as physically from 29 July 2016.